About us

The company offers a wide range of services such as:

Application development, complex web-based development services, secure servers and fast access to cloud, VOIP call center processing, e-mail, unwanted mail protection, launch sites, virtual server hosting, wider protection , information security services, digital signatures, DNS servers, surveillance and control services.

Cloud Servers

Hosting servers.

Software solutions.

Extended VoIP services.

Information protection and management.

HelpDesk service by phone and remote control.

DRP backup and support service.

Links between sites and WAN / LAN networks.

Consolidation / Virtualization: server farms, storage systems, deleted sites and affiliates.

Control and monitoring solutions: Infrastructure, applications and user experience, business-services.

Datacenter Extended Solutions .

Full feature and integration, assimilation and maintenance.

Cloud Servers.

Server Integration.

Managing customer business networks.

Enhance virtualization.

Web Applications

Developing web applications.

Turnkey development.

VoIP Switches (IP-ATC):

New technologies and quality internet service allow companies to replace expensive and bulky IP-ATC switches on ELASTIX platforms.

Call recording.

Conference rooms.

Opening doors and gates.

The SIP TRUNK connection service.

Real-time call interception.

Voice Mail for each extension, which also applies to the email address.

Fax, addressed to the e-mail address.

Forward unanswered calls in a predefined time.

Voice IVR router with different operations and workflows.

Create global reports.

Waiting for music in turn, spot and time indicator in line.

Receiving the phone line for out-of-organization calls.

Connecting remote lines outside the office.

Connect mobile phones and remote access applications as phone lines.

Connecting numbers abroad.

The ability to restrict calls from known numbers.

The possibility of blocking calls at destination points chosen by the customer.

Outgoing call personalized.

Free VoIP calls between IP-ATC on different sites.

Interaction with other information systems in the organization.

Real time alert in case of increased activity.

Full redundancy of switching every night.

User interface for web administration.